「Tailored for manufacturing」

Human Resource SaaS Cloud

Based on the complex business scenarios of manufacturing, customized HR digital solutions, meet the special needs of various industries

Position Requirement:


1. Be responsible for specifying the company's core product promotion plan;

2. Be responsible for the company's user operation plan, formulate sales strategy and tactics, train and guide the sales team;

3. Train the staff of operation Department and sales department;



1. Bachelor degree or above in marketing, news media related major, 5 years of Tob operation experience;

2. Have a certain understanding of the Internet, cloud computing, artificial intelligence and big data;

3. Keen insight, like to challenge life and accept new things;

4. Good communication skills, standard Mandarin, friendly, active and optimistic;

5. Work conscientiously, be honest and have good team spirit;

6. Have a strong sense of purpose, tenacity and pressure, and mission will be achieved;

7. Have professional skills, quick learning ability and hardworking spirit, and can face challenges at any time.



1. Base salary;

2. Commission of 20% of the total amount of the newly signed contract;




Hot Position:

  • Operations Manager


    3 Year



    • Stock Options
    • Learn Knowledge
    • Broad Development