SaaS Cloud

Including HR full cycle, seamless connection, highly intelligent, is a professional HR SaaS cloud.


2175 cloud platform covers the whole process of HR selection, use, education and retention. From recruitment to the end of the report center, the modules are seamlessly connected, highly intelligent, supplemented by big data analysis. It is a domestic professional human resource information system for the whole process, providing one-stop HRIS solution services for company!
The user interface of the system is simple, the backstage function is powerful, the configuration is flexible, the depth conforms to the Chinese native HR process, and each customer can customize their own solution according to their own business process.


· candidates submit information online to reduce the manual data input workload of HR

· the entry process can be customized to meet the process needs of different industries

Personnel Admin

· 27 default information types to save employee information and customize it

· Support group company management

· Including transfer in / out and batch import functions

· Employee data has authority control


· Support group organization structure

· Support multi position and dotted line reporting

· Organization provides refined management by department, group and peer category

· meet enterprise specific approval process


· online self-service submission needs of employees, the system provides nearly 25 needs

· New approval process can be created according to business needs of the enterprise

· Approval nodes can be defined flexibly, such as direct supervisor, department supervisor, hrbp, etc

AI Service

· AI customer service, greatly reducing the workload of human resources department

· Personnel policy requires AI customer service to answer automatically

· Intelligent collection of knowledge points

Data Center

· Multiple standard data reports to meet the business needs of enterprises

· Customized data report according to business needs

· Beautiful and cool report forms can also be exported


  • Professional

    2175 cloud platform is a professional HR SaaS platform in China. The system has powerful functions and flexible configuration. It can customize solutions according to the business process of the company.
  • Full Cycle

    The design of the system refers to the design concept of foreign well-known system platform, improves and optimizes in combination with the domestic HR business demand. It is a cloud platform to meet the domestic HR demand in depth.
  • High Technology

    Based on the accumulated customer data, cloud platform applies artificial intelligence and big data to provide innovative and effective HR services.

Service Mode

SaaS service mode, purchase base on modules and pay annually. Meantime, modules can be purchased or cancelled according to demand, the service mode is flexible and convenient, save cost for the company.