Data Manage

Provide Data Management Services Based on Cloud, Reduce Data Workload of HR


We not only provide cloud platform operation and maintenance services (server, database maintenance, system upgrade, etc.), but also we can provide system data management services according to the needs of the enterprise, so as to help the enterprise to easily launch the 2175 cloud platform, and avoid the trouble of human resources department learning technology and the confusion of technical problems.
The specific services are as follows:

      • Induction process trigger and tracking
      • Maintenance and management of onboarding data

Personnel Management
      • Employee data management, including data addition, modification and deletion
      • Batch import and modification of employee data
      • In and out transfer process processing

Organization Management
      • Add, modify and delete organization and position
      • Operations such as employee job assignment

System Management
      • Allocation and modification of personnel policies and rules of the company

Call Center
      • Company personnel policy answers and guidance


  • Professional

    We provide data management services based on 2175 platform. Compared with Party A, we can provide more professional services.
  • One-Stop Service

    Based on the 2175 cloud platform and data management services, a one-stop human resource information system service is formed.

Service Mode

According to the needs of enterprises, we provide customized services on demand and charge for service time.