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Aircraft Carrier in HR SaaS

Based on the international top HR system logic, it has been deeply localized and has the characteristics of powerful function, flexible configuration and good user experience

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Company profile:
"2175 cloud", HR SaaS cloud platform focusing on manufacturing! Provide HR digital solutions focusing on complex salary and attendance for manufacturing enterprises. Cloud platform has the characteristics of powerful function, flexible configuration and high user experience. It can customize solutions according to enterprise business processes!
"2175 cloud" is a brand of Suzhou Luka Information Technology Co., Ltd. Luka information technology (Sino foreign joint venture) is an Internet service provider focusing on providing digital solutions for human resources. It rises in Suzhou Industrial Park where classical and modern complement each other, and actively responds to the national made in China 2025 plan, We are contributing our wisdom and sweat to make China move from manufacturing to intelligent manufacturing!

The company was founded in 2018 and released 2175 cloud V1 in April 2019 0, v2.0 was released in November of the same year 0 In 2020, it was rated as a national high-tech enterprise, Suzhou artificial intelligence enterprise, Jiangsu private science and technology enterprise, and became the elite service provider of Huawei cloud. Angel round financing was completed in early 2021, and 2175 cloud V3 was released in the same year 0 At the beginning of 2022, a strategic cooperation agreement was reached with China Merchants Bank, and 2175 cloud connected payroll to realize the function of payroll payment. In the same year Apr. finished Pre-A financing, company enter all in market phase!

Provide excellent HR digital solutions for made in China

Become a respected HR digital service provider for enterprises

Customer Success, Continuous Improvement, Honest, Professional and Grow Together


  • Strategic Co-work with UFIDA

    2175 cloud has reached strategic cooperation with UFIDA and become a strategic partner of UFIDA industry! With the empowerment of UFIDA, 2175 cloud will focus more on complex salary and attendance solutions to provide customers with more professional digital services!

  • Strategic Cooperation with CMB

    2175 cloud has reached strategic cooperation with China Merchants Bank and integrated and connected China Merchants Bank payroll.

  • 2175 Cloud Land Cloud Map

    2175 cloud has been certified as HRTechChina cloud map, the first leading HR technology business service platform in China. 2175 cloud has officially logged into hrtechchina technology cloud map!

  • 2175 Cloud Complete Pre-A

    On May 2, 2022, 2175 cloud completed the pre-A round of financing, with a post investment valuation of tens of millions of yuan! The financing amount is mainly used for market promotion. 2175 cloud opens the stage of full market development!

  • 2021.12 Most User Value Award

    After layers of screening by HR authorities and experts, on Dec. 22, 2021, "2175 cloud" was awarded the title of "China's most valuable HR service organization in 2021"!

  • 2021.08 ISO27001 Certification

    On Aug. 9, 2021, after strict review by the international authoritative certification body, 2175 cloud obtained the "ISO27001" certification, the personal information protection measures were recognized by the international authoritative!

  • 2021.02 Angel Round Financing

    On Feb. 01 2021, 2175 cloud completed Angel round financing, with a post investment valuation of tens of millions! The financing amount will be mainly used for product polishing and marketing!

  • 2020.12 High-Tech Certification

    2020 Dec., 2175 cloud was recognized as a National High-Tech Enterprise. After this award, we will continue to increase R&D investment and strive to improve the technical content of products!

  • 2020.08 Hi-Tech Enterprises

    In August 2020, Luttica was included into the directories of high-tech enterprises, and the technology content of the company's cloud platform was further recognized by the government! And Will be formal Hi-Tech enterprise by the end of this year!

  • 2020.07 Private Tech Enterprise

    July 2020, Luttica was rated as Jiangsu private technology enterprise by Jiangsu private science and Technology Enterprise Association, and the technology content of the company's core products was further recognized!

  • 2020.04 Luttica Become AI Co.

    April 2020, Luttica was rated as an AI company by the Suzhou municipal government, and the 2175 cloud platform of AI + was recognized by the Suzhou municipal government. In the future, it will get the corresponding support plan!

  • 2020.03 Join HR Tech Map

    March 2020, HR Tech cloud map operated by HrTechChina, the top HR Tech media in China, included 2175 cloud in the HR SaaS section, so that 2175 cloud has become a domestically recognized HR SaaS cloud platform.

  • 2019.11 2175 Cloud V2.0 Go Live

    Base on 2175 cloud V1.0 and afer Luttica team 7 months' fighting, 2175 cloud V2.0 go live today. New release published with new brand 2175 cloud, dedicated to provide you with customized services.

  • 2019.8 Official Website Online

    Afte one month's hard working, Lutica official website is launched. It is compatible with all terminals. With Alicloud's technology, users in every corner of the world can enjoy a smooth experience.

  • 2019.4 2175 Cloud V1.0 Go Live

    2175 cloud V1.0 was released. The cloud platform includes four modules: personnel, organization, ESS and onboarding. It integrates AI service function to make office more convenient.

  • 2018.8 Luttica Established

    Luttica Information Technology Co., Ltd. is an Internet service provider specializing in providing HRIS solutions. It has risen in Suzhou Industrial Park, where the classical and modern are shining.

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