• 「Focus on Manufacturing」

    Human Resource SaaS Cloud

    Based on the complex business scenarios of manufacturing, customized HR digital solutions, meet the special needs of various industries

  • 「2175 Cloud」

    Aircraft Carrier in HR SaaS

    Based on the international top HR system logic, and has been deeply localized and has the characteristics of powerful function, flexible configuration and good user experience

  • Company
    Effectively improve efficiency, save cost, avoid risk and enhance competitiveness.
  • HR
    Liberate HR from data operators, HR helpdesk and department nannies!
  • Supervisor
    Digital manage team, history records viewed at any time, efficient and accurate!
  • Employee
    request online submit, attendance, self information check online, easy and timely!
6 Core Module, Improve Efficiency and Save Cost 6 Core Module
Employee Data
Time Management
Payroll Management

Employee Data

Multi dimensional employee data storage and management can meet the complex business needs of enterprises, and the information m


It supports viewing the historical version of the organization structure, which is refined to the date dimension.

Time Management

It covers attendance data collection, statistics and docking salary calculation, and supports third-party systems such as locati

Payroll Management

The whole process function of complex salary calculation and payment. Salary items and calculation rules can be customized.


The information collection of new employees is transferred from the human resources department to the online submission of candi


Self service modification of employee data and self-service viewing of payroll and attendance data can effectively reduce HR wor

Our Advantage: Product, Delivery, Service and Security
Our Advantage
  • Product Ability
    The product has powerful functions, flexible configuration and good user experience, meets the complex business scenarios of ent
  • Delivery Ability
    Standardize the implementation / delivery process, comply with PMP project management specifications, sufficient document specif
  • Service Ability
    Professional after-sales service, directly connect with the product manager to solve the problems of product use and provide the
  • Security
    The financial level system architecture, database secondary encryption, data protection and backup measures have obtained ISO270