• 「Professional」

    HR SaaS Cloud

    Learn from international top HR system logic, localized base on China background, can customized solution base on requirement

  • 「Tailored for Manufacturing」

    Human Resource SaaS Cloud

    Based on the complex business scenarios of manufacturing, customized HR digital solutions, meet the special needs of various industries

  • Company
    Effectively improve efficiency, save cost, avoid risk and enhance competitiveness.
  • HR
    Liberate HR from data operators, HR helpdesk and department nannies!
  • Supervisor
    Digital manage team, history records viewed at any time, efficient and accurate!
  • Employee
    request online submit, attendance, self information check online, easy and timely!
6 Core Module, Improve Efficiency and Save Cost 6 Core Module
Profile Management
Time Management
Payroll Management


Candidates' profile submitted online by themself, improve data accuracy and reducing manual work in HR department.


Nearly 30 self-service approval processes cover all business needs of the company.

Profile Management

Multi dimensional, high-depth employee information storage and management to meet the complex business needs of company.


Fine management of departments is carried out by organization category.

Time Management

It covers attendance data collection, statistics and salary calculation to meet the manufacturing service business scenario!

Payroll Management

The whole process function of complex salary calculation and payment meets the business scenario of manufacturing and service!

Powerful, Flexible and Deep Localization
Powerful, Flexible and Localization
  • Manufacture
    Multi dimensional personnel and high-depth organization can effectively support complex HR processes in manufacturing company.
  • Internet
    The comprehensive self-service process and intelligent customer service are very suitable for the attitude of Internet company.
  • Biological
    Cloud integrates AI and big data technology, provides effective assistance and innovation for high-end biomedical industry.
  • Hotel Catering
    SaaS mode effectively solved the lack of IT person, and the problem of scattered company layout in hotel and catering company.